You’re Not A Real UNC Chapel Hill Student Unless…

Home of the Tar Heels and 29,135 undergrad and graduate students, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is also home to some of the happiest students on the planet. Whether it’s the weather, our amazing basketball team, or the fact that UNC is ranked the #5 public school in the nation and #1 in the state, every student that calls Chapel Hill home pretty much bleeds Carolina Blue – and also knows these 24 things about UNC that make it so amazing.

1. You know that basketball isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life.

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2. You’re a Tar Heel born, you’re a Tar Heel bred, and after UNC’s brutal exams, you are always without fail a Tar Heel dead.

3. You’ve waited in line for nearly an hour on the first day of class to drink from the Old Well…

4. …and you have personally proven wrong the legend that drinking from the Old Well will get you a 4.0 for the semester. If there’s one thing UNC doesn’t have, it’s grade inflation.

5. You have at least one profile picture that’s a selfie of you and Ramses on gameday.

6. You have an entire shelf in your dorm or apartment devoted to He’s Not Here’s famous blue cups

7. You know that not only is Duke’s mascot the Blue Devil, but that Duke is the actual devil.

8. Seriously. Dook sucks.

9. You know that waiting outside Dean Dome for upwards of eight hours before the UNC vs Duke game is not only normal, it’s 100% worth it.

10. You consume YoPo upwards of 3 times a week. #NoShame.

11. You’ve fallen asleep at least once while trying to pull an all-nighter in Davis or the UL.

12. “HOLD ONNN ONEEE SECOOONNNDD!” – You just read that in the voice of everyone’s favorite crossing guard on South Road.

13. If a day goes by where you didn’t trip on a brick, it’s likely you didn’t leave your room at all.

14. If you had a UNC bucket list, “Rushing Franklin Street” would be at the very top.

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15. You know that two inches of snow is more than enough to cancel class for several days.

16. You’ve shown up to Davis at midnight during finals week to witness the legendary streakers run through the library.

17. You know that living on South Campus means there’s no need to go to the gym, you get all your exercise walking back and forth to class.

18. Time Out’s chicken biscuts are your ride-or-die choice of food after a night out.

19. Your closet is a sea of Carolina Blue.

20. You know that riding the P2P after 10 p.m. on weekends can only mean one thing: Drunk. People. Everywhere.

21. The Varsity Theatre’s $4 movies are the answer to your broke college student prayers.

22. You know that sitting in the Union is dangerous – you almost always end up caving and getting Alpine Bagel.

23. Spring LDOC is the best day of your semester.

24. You know that it’s always GDTBATH!


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