These Identical Twins Took “Sharing Everything” Way Too Far When They Decided To Have The Same Boyfriend


We all know sisters can be extremely close, and twins have a bond that very few people in the world can say they share. But at some point twins usually stop dressing in matching clothes (usually once they’re over the age of four), only hanging out with each other, and sharing everything.

Not Anna and Lucy DeCinque. These identical twins from Australia are 29 years old and still share everything from an Instagram page to a job to a boyfriend.

Feel free to read that last part again.

Guess sharing a womb means you can share everything.

According to Anna and Lucy, having separate boyfriends doesn’t work because they want to spend so much time together. They live with their boyfriend…at their mom’s house…and sleep in the same “super king” bed. But everyone’s happy this way, so it’s all good?

Check out their (bizarre) explanation below.


If you thought that was strange, it gets worse.

In an attempt to look exactly alike, these wannabe Kardashians have spent over $240,800 (Australian dollars) on having identical procedures including lip fillers, breast implants, and fake eyebrows and eyelashes. They also dress exactly alike at all times.

The one redeeming quality I could find about these ladies is that they both have a job at a nursing home. You’ve got to respect that, even if they probably confuse the hell out of the residents.

Check out photos of the twins below.

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