A Designer Is Giving People The Bodies They Always Wanted Like A True Internet Troll

James Fridman twitter

James Fridman/Twitter

We’re all guilty of Photoshopping a pic before it goes up on Instagram once in a while. Maybe we make our teeth look whiter or get rid of some lines on our face – no big deal, right?

Well, designer James Fridman decided to help out all the people who want to make some changes to their body. Except, he’s taking their requests extremely literally or with some liberties, making this my new favorite Twitter account.

People submit their pics and give James free reign on what to do with their request. The results? Hilarious…and proving that beauty standards are nothing but silly perceptions.

So far, James has tweeted just 15 photos with their “improved” edits since he created his Twitter account on March 4, but he’s already gained more than 56,000 followers…not to mention the thousands and thousands of retweets and likes.

Do you have the balls to submit your photo to James? Just be careful what you wish for…

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