5 Celebrity Stylists To Follow On Instagram

Some of our favorite celebrities always look phenomenal on and off the red carpet, but they don’t do it all by themselves. It’s easy to forget that there are teams of people (hair stylists, makeup artists, and manicurists to name a few!) that help these stars look amazing.

There are amazing stylists behind a lot of the best looks out there and we can get some major #fashioninspo just by following them on Instagram!

In an interview with Teen Vogue, celebrity stylist Basia Richard stressed the importance of styling celebrities as a personalized experience.

“As a celebrity stylist you will be working with lots of different personalities and fashion tastes,” said Richard. “So you want to make everyone happy and make them comfortable.”

Who is behind Lupita’s famous Oscars dress? Who styles Rihanna, the fashion queen of all fashion queens?

Find out some of the best celebrity stylists to follow on Instagram below.

Photos of Famous Celebrities Before Stylists