Mom Of Five Shells Out $500,000 To Look Like A Human Barbie Doll

Nannette Hammond/Instagram

We’ve all had that moment where our mom picks us up from school with rollers in her hair or those fuzzy slippers that should never leave the house. If you thought you were embarrassed, you have to feel for the five kids of Nannette Hammond. Their 42-year-old mother from Cincinnati has spent close to $500,000 on plastic surgery to look like a human Barbie, and she makes her kids take pictures of her to share on Instagram for her almost 28,000 followers.

So you can go hug your mom and tell her you’re sorry now.

News Dog Media’s Pesala Bandara learned that Nannette’s obsession with becoming a Barbie doll began when she was only a teen. “I always knew I wanted a boob job as soon as I could,” she said. “I started going on sunbeds when I was 16 to get Barbie’s honey coloring.”

She started paying for Botox, fake tans, hair dye, and lip fillers. At only 21 years old, she spent £2,250 on a boob job. At 24, she had a second operation to increase her breast size. Nannette became so obsessed with going under the knife that she started working as a nurse for a plastic surgeon.

Nannette now wears a size 28H bra. She also has $54,000 veneers and spends hundreds every month getting her clothes customized by a seamstress to fit her tiny waist and huge chest.

If you thought that her husband, David, was terrified of the woman he married turning completely plastic, you’re wrong. In fact, he encourages it. He’s bought her three customized Barbie cars including a pink Porsche.

Given that David and Nannette go on trips on their private jet, I guess her plastic surgery habit won’t get in the way of paying for the kids’ college tuition?

Check out photos of Nannette Hammond below.


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