This Woman Did Her Makeup While In Labor And Still Nailed Her Eyeliner Like A Boss


I’ve known labor wasn’t a good time since I watched a video of a woman giving birth in fifth grade. She was sweaty, screaming, and so red in the face that my 11-year-old self was embarrassed for her. I mean, this birthing video was probably seen by middle schoolers all over the country in science class.

Women can say that giving birth is beautiful all they want, but it doesn’t look that way from the outside.

That is until makeup artist and luxury business consultant Alaha Majid went into labor.

Alaha’s first photo holding her newborn daughter, Sofia, looks like she just stepped off the red carpet at the Oscars, not spent hours in a hospital bed bringing a new life into the world. That eye makeup and matte lip is goals for every girl on a Saturday night, let alone a woman who just experienced the miracle of childbirth.

According to Alaha, she painted her face because it distracted her and helped pass the time during the hours she laid in the hospital bed. “I was in labor and doing my makeup to take my mind off the contractions!” she wrote.

Check out photos of Alaha during her labor makeover below, including when her hubby stepped in to help when contractions got too painful to contour.

There you have it, ladies. Make sure your eyeshadow palette and eyebrow kit are packed right next to your spare underwear when you pack your hospital bag. Giving birth is no excuse to not look fab.

[H/T Buzzfeed]

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