WATCH: Female Comedian Shut Downs Heckler With Brilliant On-The-Spot Insults

laura lexx

Laura Lexx/Twitter

I love a good heckler at a comedy show. In fact, some of my favorite moments have been when the comic completely strays from the prepared material to focus their attention on a fool in the audience who decided to open their mouth to a person who makes jokes for a living. Most times, the audience member learns their place fast.

Sure, most comics have some solid comebacks in their arsenal, but Laura Lexx might have just topped them all.

When the female comedian took the stage at¬†a Brighton comedy club, a male audience member immediately started shouting out that he was “miserable” and was hoping for a male comedian. But that didn’t throw Laura off her game. In fact, the set probably didn’t get better than when she told the heckler, “‘The thing with stand up comedy is it’s just like sex with your misses – it is just better if you let her get on with it on her own.”

Watch Laura Lexx shut down the sexist heckler (and make everyone else die of laughter) below.


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