5 Signs You Like Them More Than They Like You


Let me go on record and say that all is not lost if you feel like you like someone more than they like you. Some people need time to come around, while others are just really shy at first. However, if you see any of the following signs within your relationship, you might like them more than they like you. Let’s get into it!

1. They respond (most times), but only if you text or call first.

You do talk to them on the phone and you guys even text, but are you always the person who texts or calls first? Most times this is a sign that you think about them a lot more than they think about you. Although many people like to give excuses to actions like these, we should face reality and see that no matter what it is they have going on, it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to send a text message. Thinking positively, it could be that he is too nervous to text or call you first, but he does, in fact, really like you.

2. They talk to you, but only if you drive the conversation.

You don’t have a problem getting them to talk, but have you noticed that they only talk when you’re constantly asking questions and provoking the conversation? This is a sign that they are bored and/or uninterested–maybe in you, maybe in your choice of conversation, but still they are uninterested. I suggest giving them the opportunity to lead the conversation the next time you two are together or asking them what they would like to talk about to see if anything changes here.

3. They hang out with you, but only if you initiate the plans.

This is self-explanatory. If the only time you two spend time together is because you’ve asked them out somewhere, chances are that you like them more than they like you. It can be even deeper if you’re the only one who pays for the things you guys do. If you find that you’ve been initiating all of your plans together, don’t make any more plans and see if they propose that you two hang out or bring up the fact that you two haven’t spent any time together lately.

4. They think you’re cool, but not cool enough to meet close family or friends.

You guys may have a really good vibe going on between the two of you. You may even feel like they like you just as much as you like them, but have you met any of their family or friends? Meeting close friends and/or family is a pretty big deal and a really good sign that the feelings are mutual. If they are hesitant to introduce you, it’s probably because there isn’t any sign of longevity within the relationship from their perspective. You don’t introduce someone you’re not serious about to your friends and family.

5. They do things for you, but they do it reluctantly.

If you’re anything like me, going above and beyond in the things you do is second nature; I always offer my best. So, it’s not a problem if you’re like that too. What is a problem is when they aren’t appreciative of your efforts or when they don’t have a desire to do the same for you. No one wants to feel like the efforts in their relationship aren’t 50/50. Actions speak louder than words. This is definitely a sign that you like them more than they like you.

If any of these signs sound familiar, I’d take a moment to evaluate the relationship, but keep in mind that seeing one or two of these signs could just be a misinterpretation! Good luck!

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