7 Text Messages That Turn A Girl On More Than A Dick Pic

It’s really no secret.

The proper way to send an unsolicited dick pic is quite simple…don’t. I get that there might be some exceptions to this and I can’t speak for everyone, but I will say that I don’t know any women who are just dying to receive a picture of a man’s penis. You might be proud of it and all and that’s great–but it’s not as pretty as you think it is. Don’t be discouraged though, here are seven things to send her instead of sending an unsolicited dick pic. Let’s get into it!


1. Send her an inspirational quote.

Maybe I’m alone on this, but I love inspirational messages. Sending her a ‘good morning’ text with an inspirational quote is sure to brighten up her day and leave you on her mind. This is a much better option than sending her a ‘good morning’ text with a picture of your morning wood.

2. Send her a funny joke.

Send her a joke; don’t be the joke. I’m always up for seeing a good meme or hearing a funny joke. This is definitely a better alternative to sending a dick pic. Make her laugh with you, not at you.

3. Send her a picture of you when you were younger.

Don’t be a creep and send a naked picture of you when you were younger, but a picture of you when you were 5 is sure to make her smile. Aww! It’s one of those things that she’ll find very sweet because you’re willing to share it with her. She’ll know that it took a lot of you to send to her because for most of us, pictures of us as children are pretty embarrassing and usually off limits.

4. Send her a picture of you smiling.

She already thinks you’re hot. Don’t blow it by sending her a picture of your penis. Instead, send her a nice selfie and tell her that she’s the reason for your smile. Sure, it’s a little corny–but it’s better than being deemed a creep because you sent her a picture of your penis, sick-o.

5. Send her a picture of your body.

If you insist on showing her what you’re working with, then do so with class. Think Calvin Klein, not Calvin Creep. We take a lot nicer to a photo of you in briefs than a close-up photo of your penis. You could also send her a picture of you without your shirt (if your body is appropriate). Chicks dig abs, man.

6. Send her a compliment.

Send her a simple compliment. Send her a text full of things you like about her. Tell her about a time she made you feel good. Make her day. It doesn’t take a lot and it means so much to her for you to communicate these types of things to her. This is gold, fellas.

7. Send her a flirty text.

I get it. She turns you on. That’s cool, but don’t show her what happens when she turns you on, instead tell her what happens–in a charismatic way, of course. If you’re not quite sure how to flirt without sounding like a pervert, please don’t try this. Master flirtation before you try to send flirtatious texts. They can be perceived the wrong way if done incorrectly.

So, there you have it gentleman. Don’t be a douche and make her wake up to an unsolicited dick pic. Try these things on for size instead. She’ll appreciate it a whole lot more. Trust me.

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