Roxy Sowlaty’s Tips For Decorating Your Dorm Like A #RichKid On A Budget

If you watch #RichKids of Beverly Hills, you know that Roxy Sowlaty is more than just a pretty girl from a rich family – she’s also a talented interior designer with killer taste.

We know what you’re thinking: Sure, it’s easy to have a gorgeous living space when you have all the money in the world. But the truth is, you can definitely make the most of your space without breaking the bank. We chatted with Roxy herself to pick a few tips to decorating #richkid style of a #collegekid budget. It all comes down to picking a few key pieces that can transform your dorm room – invest in one of these items she suggests or go for them all. Whatever you choose, your living space will look way more stylish.

“Decorating your dorm can be daunting! Walking into a poorly lit room with ugly light wood bed frames, desks and dressers is just drab from the get go,” the woman behind Roxy Sowlaty Interiors told us. “However, there are ways to decorate the bare room to make it feel like your own!”

She elaborated a bit for us. “First things first – you need a theme for your space. Is it going to be shabby chic floral and girly, is it going to be simple and chic, or is it going to be edgy and graphic? The theme will lead the way for the rest of your accessories,” she explained.

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Roxy suggested picking up these five pieces once you’ve defined that theme.

1. A cute area rug

A 4×6 should be sufficient in the small space, in the center of your room. It will detract from the plain flooring that is currently there and be a nice focal point.

2. Nice bedding with throw pillows

Since dorm beds are always twin XL size, I recommend going for a solid or simple pattern duvet cover/comforter, and buying lots of throw pillows and arrange them on the bed so that the bed appears more like a daybed/sofa. This just makes it feel less bed-like and more interesting.

3. Curtains

They’re are the quickest and easiest way to dress up your window. I always suggest getting a double rod curtain, with a sheer drape on the back rod and a solid drape on the front rod. And always remember: hang your curtain wide and taller than your window.

4. A cute and unique desk lamp

Make a statement on your desk with a nice desk lamp!

5. A slip cover

For the ugly desk chair!

Roxy also said that if she was a college student, she’d go for a clean white theme. Click through to shop the five pieces she’d pick.

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