Weed Nutella & Peanut Butter Is Now A Thing

It’s no secret that Nutella is pretty high on the list of foods people reach for immediately while under the influence. Now, however, those people can cut out smoking marijuana entirely with Chrontella: Nutella that actually contains marijuana.

According to Vice, a jar of this creamy hazelnut chocolate spread costs only $23 and contains 300 milligrams of cannabis extract. It can be consumed in the same way that regular Nutella is: in ice cream bars, on toast or crackers and obviously by the spoonful.


It seems that even cats love Chrontella.


Currently, Chrontella is only available at certain dispensaries in Canada. Cannavis, the company that produces the product, also makes weed-laced peanut butter (Pif) and jelly (Smoker’s Jam).

As if you needed any other reason to take a quick trip up to Canada this summer.



Eater notes that the legalization of marijuana in the United States has led to an explosion of weed-inspired products hitting the food market recently. For example, Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop located in Seattle, Washington, began selling cannabis K-cups last year. There’s now even a weed-infused vodka that exists in the alcohol market (although it won’t get you high).

Ben & Jerry’s, the famously liberal ice cream company, stated that with legalized marijuana, people may one day see “Fully Baked” Ben & Jerry ice cream pints in their local dispensary’s freezer case.

Frankly, people just like weed too much. All of these different food products are just getting out of hand, if you ask me.

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