A Beer Truck Collided With A Frito Lay Truck, Littering A Florida Highway With Snacks & Booze

chips beer


What happens when a Busch beer truck crashes into a Frito Lay chips truck?

It sounds like the beginning of a dad joke, but the crash happened in real life Wednesday morning on Interstate 95 in Florida.

The Frito Lay truck was pulled over on the right shoulder of the highway when the beer truck tried to merge into the middle lane. When the driver noticed another vehicle, he tried to swerve back into the right lane but he hit the chips truck. The Frito Lay truck overturned, spilling beer and chips all over the highway.

If only a Domino’s pizza truck would have gotten in on the action, we’d have a party.

Jokes aside, the road had to be closed and traffic was a nightmare. Luckily, there are no reports of anyone getting hurt.

Check out a crazy video of the scene during clean-up below.

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