This Is How The Rich Kids Of Instagram Do Spring Break

Christopher Lourdes/Instagram

If you thought your $600 getaway to Cancun with every other college kid in America was fun, maybe you shouldn’t look any further into this page. You’re about to feel insanely jealous…especially if you spent spring break on your parents’ couch.

While you were getting shotgunning cheap beer, the rich kids of Instagram were popping bottles of Dom Perignon.

While you were flying economy class on Jet Blue next to a crying baby, the rich kids’ mode of transportation was a toss up between their yachts and their private jets.

While you were sharing some cheap motel room in Mexico with six friends, these brats were hitting up exclusive spots in Miami Beach.

And unfortunately for us and our bank accounts, they documented everything on Instagram.

It’s not that your puppy photos aren’t cute, but thousands of people follow the adventures of these spoiled brats who probably spent more money on their spring break getaways than most people make in a year.

Fair? Definitely not. Intriguing? Hell yeah.

Check out how the rich kids of Instagram spent spring break 2016 below.

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