Aerie Launches Body-Positive Underwear Campaign For Men, And It’s Pretty Great

American Eagle‘s lingerie brand Aerie is known for paving the way when it comes to body positivity. Their #AerieREAL campaign challenges supermodel standards for young women, and now for men too.

#AerieMAN debuted with a series of videos starring five men- all of whom are different shapes and sizes. It is, according to the website, “a celebration of REAL men who love themselves inside and out.” Their tag line is, “The real you is sexy.” Amen to that.

Men’s body image isn’t often talked about in the media, which is why Aerie thought it was important to get us talking. And it’s working. Since Aerie stopped airbrushing it’s models, their sales have gone up 21 percent. They’ve also been able to hold their own against other popular lingerie giants like Victoria’s Secret.

Aerie’s line of underwear for men is available online now.

UPDATE: This sh*t was an April Fool’s joke. 🙄  Savages.

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