What It’s Really Like To Date Multiple Guys At Once

Let’s just go ahead and establish the fact that dating multiple guys and f*cking multiple guys aren’t the same.

Dating multiple guys at one time is a lot like trying to figure out which brand of the same type of product you’re going to buy. If you’re anything like me, you don’t just buy something just because of it’s brand name — although many people do. For me, it’s all about which brand gives me the best value and the best quality, which in turn will allow me to make the best buying decision the first time around. This is no different when you’re dating multiple guys at once. Let’s get into it!

1. You have to weight the options.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re wrong for weighing the options. When the same type of product is offered from a number of different brand names, you have the option of deciding which brand to choose from when figuring out which product you’re going to purchase. In order to make the best decision, you have to weigh the options. One of the most important things to remember is that no one has to know that you’re weighing your options — or in this case, dating multiple guys at once. Keep your business private. The reason you’re weighing your options is because you can afford to purchase all the products offered from the highest brand and everything in between. However, just because you can buy from the most expensive brand, does that mean you should?

2. You have to find the best value.

If you can find a brand that costs less than the leading brand name, but both products do the same job, which one would you buy? I want the most ‘bang for my buck.’ I always look for the best value in the products I purchase. Just because a brand is the most expensive or most recognized doesn’t make it the best product if the value isn’t good. When determining the value of the product, you have to look at what it costs for each brand of the product and what you’re getting out of each particular product for that price. In terms of dating multiple guys, what kind of effort are you putting into the potential of each relationship? Is the effort being reciprocated? Does the effort seem forced from either party? What exactly are you getting out for what you’re putting in? These are just a few questions to ask when determining the value of the different men you’re dating.

3. You make the ultimate decision.

Quality over quantity. When you’re dating multiple guys, there should come a time when you’re ready to make the ultimate decision and pick just one. If you’re dating multiple guys just to be dating multiple guys — grow up. After you’ve weighed you’re options and determined which product offers the best value, you’re ready to decide which product you consider the best and would like to purchase. When you’re dating multiple guys and you’ve weighed your options and determined which relationship is the most valuable, you should be ready to pick just one guy to start building a relationship with from there.

4. You make the best decision the first time.

The best part about dating multiple guys at once is that you make the best decision the first time around. No; it’s not guaranteed, but there’s a lot lower chance of picking the wrong guy time and time again when you’ve chosen from a good pool of options. I could purchase from one particular brand at a time without weighing all of my options at once and later learn that I gypped myself on the value and time that it took me to make the best decision. Simply put, you could date one guy at a time, but the process is longer and you could learn that you’ve gypped yourself on the value the first couple times because you didn’t take the time to weigh your options altogether before finding the right one.

The bottom line is that time is precious and waits for no man (or woman). If you’re able to date multiple guys discreetly and without having sex with them during the process, I say go for it! You want to pick the best man, with the best value, the first time around — and there’s nothing wrong with weighing your options to find him.

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