Did This Small ‘Prisoner Of Azkaban’ Moment Foreshadow Dumbledore’s Death?

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has been on our book shelves since 1999, but that doesn’t mean all of book three’s secrets are spilled. It took 17 years for one Harry Potter fan to make a connection between The Prisoner of Azkaban and Dumbledore’s death (I won’t even give a spoiler alert because how can you not know this) that seems so obvious once you read it.

Like many loyal Potterheads, Reddit user upyourjuicebox isn’t quite ready to leave the wizarding world…even though the last book came out like, almost a decade ago. While re-reading the series, one MAJOR plot point was subtlely hinted at.



Mind. Blown. Into little pieces.

Is JK Rowling a straight-up genius or is this the greatest coincidence of all time? I’ll go with the former.

I always knew Trelawny knew her sh*t. You can’t just ignore the crazy ones, people.

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