We All Need To Befriend This Man Who Carries Tampons Around In His Fanny Pack For His Friends



Men will never understand getting a period once, let alone every 28 days for most of their lives. The cramps, the bloating, the moodiness, the general feeling of blah…it sucks that they will just never fully understand.

That’s why we all need a friend like Chance Ward. Last week, Chance took to Facebook with a story about a woman at the gym in need of a tampon. Despite being a man who does not get a period, Chance was ready to help.

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So I’m in the gym today (getting my life to Truffle Butter on this elliptical ofc) when the girl next to me asks her friend if she has an extra tampon. Realizing that I overheard, she looked up and literally apologized to me, clearly embarrassed af.

Me being me, I hit ha with the “girl, u gucci” before reaching down into my fanny pack and giving her one of the tampons I keep in there. By the look on her face you would have thought I did a magic trick and pulled 36 titty-tasseled bunny rabbits out that damn bag. This is so sad. Why don’t y’all love y’all friends that menstruate?

Like men will make whole guest rooms in their house just in case someone needs to stay. But god forbid that person menstruate, because I bet you won’t be no extra pads or tampons under that guest bathroom sink. Like why? Y’all know literally like half this world goes through this? Ugh anyway to all my menstruating friends, if y’all need it, know I got it. I keep some in my fanny pack when I go to the gym, and some in my backpack all the time.

Never feel embarrassed for asking for one. Never feel embarrassed for being human. @everyone who doesn’t menstruate: keep your menstruating friends in mind and stop being so shitty.

Yes. YES.

I have a few questions, mainly how long have those tampons been chilling in that fanny pack? Just because I doubt most women turn to their male friends in such a situation. Other than that, I want to give this guy a hug along with the 34,000 people who have liked his post.

Also, kudos on joining my movement to bring back the fanny pack.

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