Ed Sheeran: 15 Sexiest Photos On The Internet

Is it the fiery red hair and sexy stubble? The British accent? The adorable “Thinking Out Loud” music video? We’re not exactly sure what it is, but “X” singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran is our #ManCrushMonday on Mondays and pretty much every other day of the week. There’s something about a guy that can sing that is never not attractive – and Ed is no exception to this totally scientifically-proven rule. Not to mention that he’s no stranger to showcasing his sensitive side – if you’ve never given his Grammy-winning music a listen, be prepared for the lyrics to be majorly “aww!”-inducing.

Despite the fact that Ed has only released two albums so far, his rise to fame was insanely fast – and came with a little help from now-BFF Taylor Swift. After the two co-wrote the song “Everything Has Changed” together, Ed was the opening act on Tay’s “The Red Tour” in 2013. From there, he went on to become the 27th highest-earning celeb according to Forbes, and has won two Grammys. Basically, not only is Ed sexy, he’s also killing the music game.

Click on to see our favorite photos of this cute crooner – because honestly, who doesn’t need 15 eye-candy shots of Ed Sheeran in their life?

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