Haunting Is The New Ghosting Technique Your Ex Is Using To Ruin Your Life, But Worse

haunting new ghosting


Ghosting is the worst. Here you are thinking that you found this awesome guy when suddenly he disappears – no more texts, no calls, and don’t even think about hanging out. Pretty much this dude has zero balls and can’t tell you to your face (or even via Facebook message) that he’s just not into you.

The slow fade into oblivion hasĀ happened to many of us. In fact, a Plenty of Fish survey had 80% of respondents who were victims of ghosting.

But now ghosting has an evil spin-off that may just be even worse. Business Insider has dubbed it “haunting.”

Where haunting differs from ghosting is that instead of fading away completely, your former booty call/kind of boyfriend/hot Tinder match can’t seem to stay away from your social media. While they refuse to answer your (multiple) texts, they’ll view your Snapchat story or like your Instagram selfie. You know, just to remind you that their phone is in fact still working and they are purposely notĀ making contact.

With ghosting, it’s pretty clear they want nothing to do with you. With haunting, it’s a bit more confusing. The mixed signals are enough to drive someone insane.

So why are they doing it? Business Insider says,

“One ‘haunter’ acknowledged that he did it to leave things open for a future rendezvous. He had begun to casually “like” things on social media a few months after ghosting his former date.”

Here’s what I propose you do, ladies. Cut that sucker off completely. If he can’t answer your texts, then he doesn’t get to watch your awesome Saturday night at the club. Block, block, block. I promise, not even having the possibility to see his name pop up under who viewed your Snapchat story will help you move on from that loser for good.

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