5 Simple Ways To Save Money In College

I think we can all agree that saving money is super difficult. Do I really need an appetizer, and dessert…and a third class of wine? Probably not. But do I want it? Yes. Thankfully, there are so many apps and websites out there to help you save. The list below will help you score some extra cash, so you can have that third glass of wine and not feel bad about it.

Oftentimes, college students find themselves too busy focusing on school to have a job. However, the hacks here are extremely easy, and the best part is, they don’t take up much of your time. (So you can go back to binge-watching Netflix). I have also included referral codes/promo codes to give you rewards for signing up for certain websites and apps. You’re welcome in advance.

Without further ado, here are five simple ways to save money in college- so you don’t have to live off Ramen Noodles.

1. The 365 Day Penny Challenge

All you need is a jar (or somewhere to keep a ton of change/dollars), a tiny bit of willpower, and some pennies. If you do this correctly, you will save $667.75 in one year. Typically people start this challenge at the beginning of the year with the new year, new me mantra; however, you can start this today. Hooray!

The way it works is you start off by saving a penny on day one. Day two, you save two pennies. Day 105, you save 105 pennies (or $1.05), and by day 365 you save $3.65. Yes, when you get to the point where you are saving a couple of dollars a day it can start to get difficult, but I have faith in you. Skip your latte and add that change to your jar.

Think about how happy you will be when you have over $600 dollars to spend one year from now! 💃

2. iFlipd

Via iFlipd

College textbooks cost A LOT of money. Often when the semester begins, students find themselves on every textbook­ price comparison website in order to find the best deals. However, nothing seems to compare to iFlipd, TBH.

With iFlipd, you pay for your textbooks as you go throughout the semester. For example, if you’re only going to be using your textbook for half of the semester, you pay one week at a time for the weeks you plan on using it. The same thing goes with chapters. If your professor only plans on using specific chapters, you can just pay for those chapters when you’re planning on using them. Also, all of your books are in one place – your computer – so now you can give your shoulders a rest.

Plus, iFlipd offers cool perks, like allowing you to “flip” ebooks back to the community and share study notes. You also earn rewards for doing it.

Sign up now here!

3. MindSumo

MindSumo is awesome because you get rewarded for solving challenges that companies need help with. For example, one of these challenges was, ‘How can we reach new audiences with our seafood products?’ If you come up with a solution and win, companies PAY YOU some pretty sweet cash. It’s also extremely secure; when you want to “cash out,” the money goes straight to your PayPal account.

You can also upload your resume to the site, so who knows, maybe a company will reach out to you!

Another cool feature is their mentor program. These mentors are successful in their specific field and are willing to talk to you, give you tips, and be your own personal cheerleader.

If you sign up using promo code DANILXOXO, they will give you $5 just for using the code (just make sure that you confirm your account in the email they send you to receive it). You will also receive $25 for joining, and an extra $5 for completing your profile. It’s super easy, I promise.

4. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is a blog with even more money­ saving hacks, tips to grow your income, and more. They have a ton of articles that allow you to find ways to have some extra cash in your wallet. Check out the blog here.

5. Shop at thrift stores/use resale apps

I love to wear name-brand clothes, but they are super expensive- obviously. Instead, I downloaded apps like Poshmark (last time I checked if you use a referral code, they give you money towards your first purchase. Use referral code is PWMIP) and Mercari (referral code: HDJEJB). I also encourage you to shop at thrift stores. Oftentimes there are clothes that are in very good condition, super inexpensive, and name-brand. My wallet thanks me. And you’ll be thanking me too.

This post is sponsored by iFlipd.

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