WATCH: Contender For Craziest Girlfriend Ever Holds Knife To Boyfriend’s Throat As She Makes Him Apologize For Flirting On Instagram


In case you haven’t noticed, girls are not big fans of their boyfriends cheating on them. They’ll trash your car, embarrass you in public, and pretty much make sure your dating options are limited until the end of time. Apparently, they’re also willing to come very close to literally slicing your throat open.

A girl identified in the video as Riley apparently caught her boyfriend flirting with other girls on Instagram by liking their pics. She made him apologize on video while she held a huge knife under this throat.

I’m hoping this is some sick attempt to go viral and this guy wasn’t in real danger, but that slap to the head didn’t look fake.

This guy will either wear a leash for the rest of his life or, if he’s smart, get out ASAP. And this is just for likes on Instagram. He better pray she doesn’t get into his DMs anytime soon.

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