Kylie Jenner Gives Her Side Of The Story After Sternly Telling A Young Fan “Don’t Touch Me”

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner headed out for dinner last night, but of course she had her fair share of paparazzi and fans following her every move. And when three young girls got a bit too close, she wasn’t messing around. TMZ got footage of Kylie sternly warning a young girl, “Don’t touch me,” before heading inside.

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I know your first instinct is to call Kylie an ungrateful brat, but let’s think about it. How would you enjoy being swarmed by strangers when you’re just going to grab a bite to eat?

Kylie took to Twitter to clear up the situation, sharing that she did get a chance to meet the young fans.

Being a famous 18 year old can’t be fun all the time. Let’s give the girl a break, k?

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