Fast Food Workers Do Us A Solid By Advising What NOT To Order


Chipotle has been getting a terrible reputation lately for causing customers to get sick, but they’re not the only fast food chain that needs to up their game.

After working at a pizza place for a few summers, I know a few things about what’s safe to order and what you should probably avoid. Like most of those specialty pizzas on display? They’ve been chilling on the counter since they were made at 11 a.m. (Tip: Order a fresh pie or stick to the more popular toppings for slices because new pies will be made throughout the day.)

We’re all guilty of hitting up the McDonald’s drive-thru around 3 a.m. on a Saturday night for some munchies or swinging by Sonic when we need a quick snack during the day. While fast food generally won’t have you running to the bathroom later, the practices still aren’t always the greatest. Luckily, an informative Reddit thread asked fast food workers what to avoid, and they came through.

Unfortunately, no chain is safe.


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