15 Things About Wine You Didn’t Know About

Whether you drink it out of a plastic bag, a glass bottle with a screw top or cork, you do not make it a secret that you love wine. You love it red, white and pink. You love it with dinner, lunch, brunch – perhaps even breakfast. No matter where you are or who you are with, if you’re out, it’s likely that you have a glass of wine in your hand.

Although you love your glass of fermented grapes so, do you know anything about it? Do you know what you’re putting past your lips on a regular basis? Probably not. There’s a lot of secret benefits about wine that go beyond mere antioxidants and getting you drunk very quickly. Wine has a wonderful history that even dates back to 6000 B.C.!

In short, it’s been humanity’s favorite alcoholic beverage for a while – and with good reason. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up and come learn more about that magical liquid swirling about in your glass.

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Jon Stewart Rescued A Runaway Bull
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