Apparently Aerie’s Male Body Positivity Campaign Was An April Fool’s Joke, And People Are PISSED

I’m always up for a good joke, but Aerie’s April Fool’s Day gag was was pretty sh*tty…and ultimately blew up in their face.

On March 24, a full week before April Fool’s Day, Aerie launched #aerieMAN- an extension of their wildly popular #aerieREAL campaign. Men in a variety of shapes and sizes posed in front of the camera in a series of videos using the slogan, “The real you is sexy.”

Certainly men struggle with body image, but it’s not often discussed- which is why people were all about what American Eagle’s lingerie brand was trying to do. Unfortunately, once they announced it was actually a parody, the Internet flipped. Naturally.

Aerie did give a half-assed apology, at least.

“Some aspects of were just for laughs, but we take body positivity VERY seriously: ,” they said in a tweet.

Hey Aerie, guess what? Joke’s on you because that “joke” was actually a good idea and probably would’ve driven more business. Now it looks like you’ll be losing customers. 🙋

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