WATCH: This Tiny Dancer Is Not Having It With Her Two-Timing Partner


Ah, young love.

We’ve all experienced when a guy we like starts flirting with another girl right in front of our faces. It stinks, but this little girl already knows that this guy isn’t worth her time. Unfortunately, he was just trying to do his dance routine.

YouTube channel Kyoot Kids¬†shows the entire encounter. After spinning around our pint-size dance diva, he immediately turns to spin another little lady. Well, Bachelorette #1 wasn’t too please with that behavior and let him know it, but he’s totally at a loss of what to do.

Watch the hilarious moment here.

I’m thinking this girl will definitely scare a few boyfriends straight later in life, but in the meantime, maybe she should try a type of dance with one assigned partner. Sharing ain’t her thing.

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