Scott Disick Makes How Much For Club Appearances!?

Lord Disick, indeed!

If there’s anything you know about the Kardashian-Jenner family and their fellow associates, it’s that some of them, specifically Scott Disick, get paid a lot of money just for visiting clubs.

You might be wondering how much it is exactly they make. Does he make more in one evening than a majority of people make in one year?

According to GQ, the answer is yes. At one time, Disick apparently made up to $80,000 for only a few hours of hanging out in a fancy club. In another instance, Disick made a cool $250,000 for appearing at a series of U.K. events.

While your eyes might be popping out of their sockets at $80,000 a night, Disick’s earnings pale in comparison to those of musicians like Drake, Nicki Minaj and Future. GQ highlights that stars of that level can earn $200,000 in one hour – especially on big nights like New Year’s Eve.

What have we learned from this information? Well, we’re probably all in the wrong business.

Scratch that: we’re most definitely in the wrong business.

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