A Girl Was Kicked Out Of Her Sorority For Posting A Picture On Tinder In Her Letters

Shannon Workman chi omega

Jill Svendsen Workman/Facebook

I remember getting my first letter shirt and being told there were rules. For example, you couldn’t drink or have sex while wearing your letters (yeah, seriously). No one mentioned that Tindering in letters was prohibited.

Apparently that’s why Shannon Workman, a Chi Omega at the University of Nebraska Omaha, was kicked out of her sorority.

Like a good mama bear, Shannon’s mom took to Facebook for a quick vent session. She explained that the pic featuring her and a friend wearing a Chi O tank top was called “promiscuous and risqué.” Even worse, the photo had been chilling on Tinder for eight months before it suddenly became an issue.

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Apparently Shannon isn’t alone. The Omaha chapter has been kicking members out left and right for ridiculous reasons ever since the sorority was put on social probation. A source also told TSM that an effort to “weed out the bad seeds” was put into place. Another member was kicked out for retweeting a clip that said the word “bitch” and another for her house having a party (even though she wasn’t in attendance).

Even more concerning, Chi Omegas from other schools took to the comment section on the TSM article saying that they weren’t shocked. Some either had similar stories of dismissal.

So far, five Chi O members have had their memberships revoked. Not shockingly, another eight have elected to leave on their own terms.

Every sorority has rules to follow. Members know that when they sign their bids and although they’re often annoying, they go along with them. However, when you start making up excuses to kick out girls who haven’t done anything wrong, that’s when you give Greek life a bad name.

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