National Beer Day: Best Memes, Jokes & Funny Photos

national beer day memes

If there’s a national holiday for “Take Your Dog to Work Day” (June 22) and National Tooth Fairy Day (February 28), you best believe that National Beer Day is a very real thing.

Although every day is National Beer Day if you try hard enough, the booze is officially celebrated on April 7. That’s because in 1933, April 7 marked the end of prohibition, meaning Americans could finally legally buy, make, and drink beer for the first time in 13 years. And that’s a damn good reason to celebrate.

If you’re not raising a glass today, you’re doing it very wrong. But while you wait for work to be over for the day or class to let out (I mean, you’re welcome to start immediately but maybe wait until 11:30 a.m.), check out these memes and funny photos to celebrate National Beer Day.

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