Bella Hadid Apologizes To Her Mother After A Racy Instagram Post

Bella Hadid has two words for her mother, Yolanda: “I’m sorry.”

Hadid took to Instagram yesterday to publicly apologize to her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mother for her upcoming photo shoot, which, from one behind-the-scenes upload, looks like is going to get real racy, real quick.

In the image itself, Hadid is depicted wearing very little. Namely, the model is standing clad in a pair of black underpants and a sequined collar that runs down to her stomach. Her hands are strategically placed over her breasts to keep the photo from branching into not-safe-for-work territory.

The photo’s caption reads “Sorry mama,” and further explains that the project she is working on in the image was a secret one. Hadid is currently staying silent about any further details behind the shoot. She has only revealed that it has connected her with her “dream team” of photographer Russell James and stylist Elizabeth Sulcer.

James uploaded his own behind-the-scene photo that could potentially land Hadid in even hotter water with her mother, but he did not share any details. He did say, however, that the project is a personal one and that Hadid is “so damn cool” for being a part of it.

Only time will tell whether Bella Hadid’s mother agrees with him.

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