Someone Found The True Meaning Behind The Sassy Pink Lady Emoji, And WTF Why Didn’t We Think Of It First

Jessi Stern, a 26-year-old Toronto resident and self-proclaimed “genius” just realized the true meaning behind the sassy pink lady emoji, and we can finally sleep again.

Let’s just get right to it, shall we? I’ll let her tell you:

IS ANYONE ELSE AS BLOWN AWAY AS I AM?! This makes so much sense. According to my most recently used emojis, this girl is number one. Seriously. (The eye-roller is a close second). And while I actually have used it after an awesome hair cut, I never thought that’s what it could actually be for. Usually it’s reserved for awesome puns, witty comebacks, and cool jokes. 💁 (At least I think they’re cool).

According to Apple, however, she’s an “information desk person” (whatever the f*ck that means).

Stern told Mic, “I decided to give everyone in my contacts emojis beside their names, and it just, like, clicked.” Why didn’t it click for the rest of us?!

A true genius indeed, Ms. Stern.

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