Fair Warning: You’re Probably Going To Have This Song About UTIs In Your Head All Day


If you haven’t been watching Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you’ve seriously been missing out. And if this song doesn’t make you want to tune in, you simply can’t sit with us.

Unless you are blessed by the heavens above, you’ve probably experienced a UTI at some point or another since becoming ~sexually active~. It’s painful and annoying, especially if you’re living in the freshman dorms and people are constantly catching you in a sprint to the community bathrooms (true story).

Apparently, guys don’t care about that part. They think giving you a UTI means that they are such a beast in bed that bacteria simply couldn’t get out of your lady parts. At least that’s what Greg (Santino Fontana), Rebecca’s (Rachel Bloom) sex buddy on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, thinks. He’s so proud of himself that he bursts into a song that’s about as catchy as a UTI.


Remember to always pee after sex, ladies! Your man probably won’t come up with a song like this to make your UTI worth the trouble.

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