Film Student Uses Financial Aid Money From School To Take Girlfriend To Thailand


Brandon Lerry is just a normal film student from the California State University-Long Beach. However, when he received a $2,500 financial aid check from his school, he decided textbooks weren’t going to cut it.

Instead, Brandon used the money to buy two plane tickets to Thailand and surprise his girlfriend of a few months with the trip of a lifetime.

The resulting video, entitled “How I Spent My Financial Aid Like A Boss,” is going viral not just for the amazing scenery captured by a GoPro and drone on the vacation but because people are blasting Brandon on spending money meant for school on a trip.

First, check it out below.

Comments include, “Better title would be, ‘How I Spent My Financial Aid Like A DOUCHE!'” and “Lol, that’s honestly pathetic you take money given to you from your school and go to a sh*tty vacation in Thailand? With your semi decent looking girlfriend of a few months? What the f*ck is wrong with you? A lot of students and people would be extremely grateful for that money and you go and do that sh*t. I hope your school never gives a dime again you f*ck ass.”

So, yeah, people feel rather strongly about this.

Brandon claims that he received a $2,500 financial aid check because of the fact that he was legally emancipated at the age of 16. Since he’s not getting any help to pay for school, he’s eligible for financial aid.

Apparently the $2,500 check bought the flights while his job as an Uber driver helped to pay for some of the other expenses. His girlfriend, Natalie Kremer, works as a waitress at a sports bar.

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