Kate Hudson Has A Hunky New Athlete In Her Life!

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There’s a new man that has Kate Hudson seeing fireworks (and stars!).

All evidence points to the actress dating Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt. TMZ┬ánoticed that the two were together last night and playing with Snapchat filters, when JJ referred to Kate as “the hottest person on the date.” Check out the undeniable flirting below.

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As if that wasn’t enough proof, JJ also snapped a pic on Saturday that looks like he was gearing up for a romantic vino-infused date. Now we know who it was likely with…

Given that Kate Hudson was linked to Nick Jonas not-so-long ago, it’s no surprise that the 36-year-old beauty has her eyes on a 27-year-old athlete. But hey, it’s much less weird than Nick Jonas at 23. It’s also no surprise that she’s a fan of those hunky jocks – Kate’s been romantically involved with baseball player Alex Rodriguez, cyclist Lance Armstrong, and golfer Adam Scott in the past.

The girl’s got a type!

kate hudson

Congrats to the new couple. Have fun with those Snapchat filters.

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