Girl Goes On A Tinder Date With A Straight Psycho Who Demands She Pay Him Back After She Doesn’t Put Out

arielle musa

Arielle Musa

For every legit relationship that starts with a right swipe, there’s a creep who thinks Tinder is solely for hook ups when they can’t find anyone to bang IRL. Unfortunately, Arielle Musa got stuck with the latter on a recent date.

When Arielle met a guy named Endri for a drink around Rutgers University in New Jersey, things started out fine.

“He seemed normal and trying to be respectful,” Arielle told “Trying to compliment me, had normal conversation about ourselves.”

But let’s just say that a second date wasn’t happening.

“I felt creeped out by him and his personality and the way he looked at me,” she says.

After the date, Arielle made it clear that there would be no invite back to her place. No big deal, right? You both move on with your lives and get swiping again. Well, Endri wasn’t too happy about it.

The string of texts that followed are nothing short of horrifying. Not only goes Endri think Arielle should have put out, but he goes on to hurl personal insults at her and demand that she pay him back for the date. (Kind of makes your Tinder date look like Prince Charming, right?)

arielle musa tinder nightmare texts

arielle musa tinder nightmare texts

arielle musa tinder nightmare texts

arielle musa tinder nightmare texts

Arielle did what any girl would do in this situation: sent the crazy convo to her friend Tamara. Not shy about embarrassing this d-bag, Tamara posted the screenshots on Twitter with an all too real tweet: “Y’all, my friend went on a date with some psychopath. This is why I rarely go on dates. Men feel so entitled.”

Back to the swiping board, Arielle.

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