Introducing Chariot For Women, A Safer Driving Experience For Women

Ladies, have you ever felt uncomfortable while riding a cab you hailed off the street? If yes, you’ve probably turned to Uber. It’s convenient, less expensive, and you know who your driver is. And yet, Uber still may not be the right solution. This summer, the Boston area will be introduced to Chariot for Women. Their new app will be designed to specifically ensure the safety of women being driven around.

Chariot for Women is a similar concept to Uber, but the main difference is that the driving service is only for women, transwomen, and  children under the age of 13 regardless of gender. What makes Chariot for Women safe is all the drivers are female. Riders won’t have to fear being made uncomfortable by male drivers anymore. Their slogan says it all: “Driving Women Towards Empowerment And Safety.”

The creator of the app was a former Uber driver, Michael Pelletz, from Massachusetts. While being an Uber driver, he encountered an uncomfortable situation that made him feel unsafe. After thinking about how women would feel in the same situation, as the driver and rider, Pelletz knew there needed to be a safer alternative.

Every driver for Chariot for Women goes through a thorough background check before being accepted. The app has the same features as Uber: driver’s name with a photo, license plate, and car model.

The new and unique feature Chariot has is a “safe word” shared by the driver and rider. Before getting into the car, the rider asks the driver the “safe word.” If the driver doesn’t know it or says the incorrect one, the female rider knows not to get in the car. She can then go ahead and find the right car.

Chariot is a company that keeps a broader idea in mind. When using it, riders will be giving back to a greater cause. Michael Pelletz’s wife, Kelly, is the President for Chariot for Women. She has put into motion a two percent donation on each fare which will go to charities focusing on women.

The app will allow riders to choose 10 local and national charities monthly. During the ride, women will see a popup where they will see the 10 charities selected for the month and personally choose where her donation will go to.

Not only will women feel safer being driven around late at night, but women will also have the opportunity to become drivers. This also includes transwomen. Female drivers are hard to come by and the main reason is safety concerns. Chariot will be a secure way for women to earn extra money on their own schedules.

Updates and new features will be added to the app as needed to ensure safety. Be on the look for Chariot’s app release this summer and be part of coming up with the company’s new name. For more information, visit their website.

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