Vanessa Hudgens Got A $190 Weed-Inspired Manicure Just In Time For Coachella

As someone who has attended five music festivals, I can tell you that it’s not really a place for pampering. You’re dirty all weekend long, your $7 showers are freezing, and your outfits will never not smell of weed – it’s not very glamorous.

Unless you’re Coachella queen Vanessa Hudgens, apparently.

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Vanessa debuted a new manicure on Instagram, and despite the grime that will get under almost everyone at the music fest’s nails this weekend, this nail art reportedly took three hours to do and costs a crazy $190.

“Vanessa came in at 7:30 and left about 10:15,” salon owner Marina Torosian told PEOPLE. “She was in love with it. She couldn’t stop looking at it. She was super excited.”

So what could possibly make a mani cost nearly $200? Vanessa got Swarovski crystals added to her nails, along with metallic pot leaves. It should last about two weeks.

Jeez, I guess VIP life is very different from living in a tent for three days. But given how much Vanessa is worth (and how much she’s probably being paid to prance around Coachella this weekend), this is like spare change.

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