You Need To Follow These Two Guys Documenting Their Climb Up Mount Everest On Snapchat Immediately

Adrian Ballinger/Instagram

Most of us will never climb Mount Everest. Besides being an exhausting journey that only a handful of people accomplish, it costs an estimated $45,000 (and don’t forget that it takes around two months, so you’ll be missing work for a while). And this is all assuming everything goes as planned – maybe weather won’t cooperate or your body will give out before you reach the top.

So, like I said, it’s just not going to happen for most of us.

That’s why we should all thank ski mountaineer Adrian Ballinger and National Geographic photographer Cory Richards, who are currently summiting Mt. Everest and documenting the breathtaking scenes on Snapchat and Instagram for the world to see as they ascend.

While the photos on Instagram are absolutely insane, Adrian says they elected to chronicle the climb primarily through Snapchat.

We chose Snapchat because ‘snaps’ — unlike posts to Instagram or Facebook — must be posted immediately from a phone’s camera. If we’re successful, you’ll have a complete chronicle of our journey.

We’ll show various points of view by handing the camera to Sherpas, guides, climbers, an expedition doctor, and a philanthropist during our climb. Our goal is to share our perspective and encourage dialog on both the positive and negative sides of climbing Everest. Ultimately what we want is a positive future for Everest, and for those who work and recreate on the mountain. Getting there will require thought, discussion, and effort from everyone involved. We hope our story can help to illuminate some of the issues, and possible solutions.

As if this adventure wasn’t exciting enough, Adrian and Cory are attempting to make their climb without the help of bottled oxygen – a feat only 193 people have accomplished.

Check out some of the stunning photos the guys have shared on Instagram so far.

You want more, right?

Follow @EverestNoFilter on Snapchat as well as the guys’ personal accounts at @adrianjb and @crichardsphoto.

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