12 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons To Go Shopping

Ahh, shopping. There’s nothing quite like ripping off a new tag for the first time and wearing something new. Yet even those who can’t afford to buy something (aka me) will still browse the racks or go online to look around just because. In fact, 50 percent of millennials admit to doing so.

Yet here’s why you should go ahead and actually buy yourself something some things this weekend. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did:

1. It’s April, and you just got your tax return.

Could you spend it more wisely on say, student loans perhaps? Of course, but that’s not as fun as buying a cute pair of shoes.

2. It’s also pay day.

I once read you can spend 5% of your paycheck on clothing. Yessss.

3. It gives you an adrenaline rush that’s similar to sex.

Yes, really. (Which is amazing if you’re going through a dry spell).

4. You live/work right near a mall, and just got an email saying Victoria’s Secret is having a sale.

You should probably unsubscribe from those emails because they’re tempting, but…nah.

5. You’re going to a wedding and have a dress you could wear, but would like something else.

You already took pictures in that dress, therefore, it’s a no-go. At least that’s how you rationalize it.

6. You’re interviewing for your dream job.

And want to make a damn good impression. No pressure.

7. You got it.

And now need to look the part- those cut off jeans just won’t do the job anymore. Literally.

8. You can never have too many shoes.

Every girl’s #1 rule.

9. It’s no longer -20 degrees outside.

And you obviously need to get something new with the changing of the seasons.

10. Some a-hole broke your heart, but you’re probably going to see him tonight at your friend’s bday because you’re both in the same friend group.

And now need to look hot AF.

11. You’re contributing to the economy.

Bonus points if you shop local.

12. Because you just really want that dress, and retail therapy is a legit thing.

This is not a drill. BRB while I go celebrate the greatest news ever.

TBH, money really can buy happiness, and dammit I’m going to buy that new dress because it’ll make me feel good. Treat yourself every once in a while; it’s actually good for you.

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