Turns Out Sex Isn’t Burning Enough Calories For You To Skip The Gym



Despite the strange cramping in your thighs and the sweat pouring from your forehead, your steamy bedroom action isn’t a great excuse to skip the gym.

I know, I feel betrayed too. I read all the Cosmo articles that said sex burned so many calories and blah blah blah, but according to a recent study from at Curtin University in Australia, getting freaky in the bedroom won’t replace your kickboxing class if you want to drop some weight.

While respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure do increase during the deed, it’s not equivalent to hitting the treadmill.

In an article published by The Daily Mail, associate professor of physiotherapy and exercise science at Curtin University in Australia Kevin Netto says,

Comparing this to what happens during exercise, they showed sexual activity elicits a moderate level of physical stress – up to 75 per cent of maximal exercise.

But they also noticed these physiological stress levels were intermittent. Much of the average time of sexual activity recorded (33 minutes) was spent at lower stress levels.

So if “working out” to you means going for a moderately paced walk, then sure, sex is a great work out. If not, it’s less than stellar.

The good news? Sex and masturbation do have positive effects, and the physiological response to sex is similar to that of exercise. Close enough, right?

Back to the elliptical.

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