Gigi Hadid’s Boyfriends 2022: Who Is Gigi Dating Right Now?

Gigi Hadid was literally born to be a model. Daughter of a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills housewife, she bagged her first modeling gig at just two years old when she starred in a Baby Guess campaign. And now her career has soared to meteoric heights, from starring in the Victoria’s Secret Show (her childhood dream, apparently), to becoming a bona fide member of Taylor Swift’s ‘girl squad’ and scoring no less than five international Vogue covers.

On top of a successful career, Gigi’s love life has never been quiet. Let’s take a look at Gigi and her men.

Patrick Uretz 2011


The polo player was 24, and Gigi was 16. He’s from Malibu, she’s from Malibu High School. Shall we call this a sweet romance with the boy-next-door?

Nick Jonas 2012-2013


Isn’t it interesting that Joe Jonas is in this picture? But back in 2012 his little brother, Nick was the man of the hour for the lady in gold. Before G.I. Joe became a power couple in 2015, Nick Jonas was the one making the moves on Gigi Hadid. In just three short years, Joe Jonas would be the one sweeping her off her feet. Guy code about steering clear of your brother’s exes? What guy code.

Cody Simpson 2013-2014


Cody and Gigi, they look good together. Makes sense. The 17-year-old musician hails from Gold Coast, Australia and he could surf. In the two years the blonde duo was a pair, they were in a photoshoot together, broke up, joined up, shared a music video and broke up again. When the couple split in May 2014, despite their past reunions, everyone believed it was really the end.

Daniel Sharman 2014


The Teen Wolf star and Gigi were spotted out together in 2014, and rumors began circulating that the pair were on a date. Perhaps it was the British accent that Gigi found irresistible. Perhaps it was the nine-year age gap that the blonde model and the English actor didn’t last.

Lewis Hamilton 2015


Lewis Hamilton is a British Formula One racing driver and won the 2008, 2014, and 2015 Formula One World Champion. This fact makes him addictive to Rihanna and supermodels alike.

And the guy knows how to dress.

Miss Hadid and the 30-year-old — yes, you read that right — were apparently having a fling right before Gigi started dating Joe. Gigi Hadid was rumored to have hooked up with Lewis Hamilton. They allegedly hooked up in May 2015 after meeting at amfAR Gala Cannes 2015.

Joe Jonas 2014-2015


We’re not sure what it was that brought Gigi and Joe together. Maybe it was the Nick Jonas connection or the Taylor Swift connection, but whatever the reason may be, Gigi and Joe became an official item in June 2015…at times with Kendall Jenner as the third wheel.

Zayn Malik 2015-2017 & 2018


Just weeks after splitting with Joe Jonas, Gigi moved on to ex-One Direction singer Zayn Malik. The couple’s recent Vogue photoshoot in Naples made even the photographer Mario Testino jealous: “How boring is it to be with a couple when they are kissing and you have nobody to kiss?”

The couple was going strong but then out of nowhere broke up in March 2018. They announced their split on their social media and asked for privacy. Then less than a month later they were photographed making out in New York City. The photos made their fans go nuts and declare they were back together. The couple eventually made their relationship official. Gigi even called out fans who accused her of getting back together with Zayn for publicity.


Gigi Hadid has broken up with Zayn Malik but she was seen still spotted leaving Zayn’s apartment in NYC.

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