You’ll Never Complain About Your Period Again After Hearing About This Girl Who Had It For 5 Years Straight

period pain


If you thought five days of cramps, bloating, exhaustion, and literally losing blood out of your vagina was bad, just wait until you hear about the girl who had her period for five years straight.

When Australian Chloe Christos got her period at age 14, it didn’t stop until she was 19. Of course, this wasn’t normal.

While most women lose between 30 and 40 millilitres of blood during menstruation, Chloe was losing ten times that amount, leaving her weak and ill almost all the time.

“I couldn’t do anything … I was fainting a lot, I had dangerously low blood pressure, and it wasn’t really a good idea for me to drive or go out,” Chloe told Daily Mail. “I really love being physically active, and that is what was most frustrating for me.”

Chloe developed extreme anemia, and despite undergoing weekly iron transfusions, her iron level remained frighteningly low.

Eventually, Chloe was diagnosed with Von Willebrand disease, an inherited bleeding disorder the prevents blood from clotting properly, but that diagnosis didn’t solve her medical problem. Although she was given a drug that she stayed on for about seven years, but the drug would only stop the bleeding temporarily and had terrible side effects.

Finally, Chloe was given a blood product mostly prescribed to men who suffer from haemophilia that worked. 

“It’s the difference between being hospitalized for two weeks of the month and taking two paracetamol and having a heat pack for one day,” she said.

Now the stylist and art director is advocating for women with bleeding disorders across the world to access quality care and is raising money via a GoFundMe page to help her travel to the World Congress in Orlando.

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