The Duchess Slant: How To Sit Like A Princess, As Illustrated By Kate Middleton

kate middleton duchess slant

Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror/PA Wire

If models all have a signature walk, then every princess should have a signature pose.

Just ask Julie Andrews, AKA the Queen of Genova. Remember in The Princess Diaries? She tells her granddaughter, “Princesses never cross their legs in public. Why don’t you just tuck one ankle behind the other, and place the hands gracefully on the knees.”

And it just so happens that Kate Middleton’s “Duchess Slant” is the perfect pose that you should master for interviews, dates, and any other situation to show that you’re a classy lady. Kate skips the crossing of her ankles, instead keeping her knees and ankles together at an angle to the photographer.

“Typically ‘the Duchess Slant’ is used when a lady has to sit for an extended amount of time while keeping poise and posture,” Myka Meier, royal etiquette expert shared with PEOPLE. “It is the perfect pose for when a camera is shooting directly in front of you because by slightly slanting the knees to create a zig-zag effect when wearing a dress or skirt, your legs are angled so that the camera only shoots the sides of your legs and protects your modesty.”

On top of making sure no one is seeing up your skirt, the posture lengthens your legs and appears super elegant.

Kate has been nailing this pose for years.

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