These Kinds Of Photos Will Get You The Most Right Swipes On Tinder, According To The App’s CEO

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Dating apps are tricky things. You need to craft the perfect witty yet normal bio and make sure you pick the perfect cute yet candid photos. In fact, what you show in your six or so images of yourself can be the difference between a right swipe and a left swipe, according to Tinder CEO Sean Rad.

Before we get into the photos that work, let’s talk about what not to do.

1. Stay Away From Group Pics

“A lot of people put photos with their friends, and that’s confusing,” Sean told Cosmopolitan. “Those are less effective.”

It makes sense. Sure, these pics make you look sociable, but no one wants to spend time playing Where’s Waldo? Let’s focus on you here rather than get a message asking to be set up with your blonde friend.

2. Don’t Get Too Pose-y

Those serious, pouty pics that you obviously spent a day shooting? Skip it. This is a dating app, not an application to be a contestant on America’s Next Top Model.

“They never work,” Sean said, “I can tell you that.”

Go with a smile instead.

3. Head Shots Are A No-No

I know they cost you a lot of money and are in the perfect lighting, but they’re totally boring. There’s zero insight into your interests, hobbies, and what makes you you.

Which brings us to what to do for more matches – exactly what you’re not doing in a head shot.

“Shots that display what you look like but also the environment that you live in, your interests – they work,” Sean said. “We have data that shows that when your photo expresses something about your interests – like a skier skiing – or something about your personality, you do better. You get more matches.”

So that photo of you and your dog at the beach? Perfect. A snap of you playing softball? Awesome. That pic of you at a concert? Exactly. As long as it displays what you’re all about, you’re golden.

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