14 Unexpected Celebrity Pairs Who Were Once Roommates

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When we think of celebrity homes, the first image that comes to mind is a sprawling mansion with a pool overlooking the Hollywood Hills, right? Well, you’re not wrong – the stars definitely aren’t shacking up in modest abodes these days. However, before they were famous, they were just lowly actors and comedians and singers struggling to pay rent…so they had to be normal people and have roommates.

It’s hard to imagine A-list celebs arguing over eating each other’s food or cleaning up the bathroom, but it really happened between Justin Long and Jonah Hill, Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake, and other well known personalities. See? The stars are just like us.

So the next time your roommate is annoying you, just hope that one day you’ll both be famous and be able to look back at your time in a cramped dorm room and laugh. Who knows? You might be their date to the Oscars one day… right,

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