Prince George Just Met President Obama In His Pajamas

prince george


When you’re trying to get some beauty sleep and the president of the United States comes to your house…

Hate when that happens.

In what might be his cutest photos yet (and this is saying something because there is some stiff¬†competition),¬†Prince George greeted President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in an adorable little robe. You see, POTUS and FLOTUS were having dinner with George’s parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, and uncle, Prince Harry. So sweet of the little guy to stay up past his bedtime and come say hello. Little sis Charlotte was already fast asleep.

Apparently he also showed Mr. President how he can ride his rocking horse, which was a gift back when he was born.

I guess when you’re the future king (2 years old), you get away with this kind of thing.


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