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10 Things You Never Knew About Tequila

Tequila Shots Fun Facts

Krit of Studio OMG/Getty Images.

Tequila: American College students’ favorite liquor when they desperately need to be annihilated on the weekend. Need to momentarily forget that you failed a test? Tequila. You need to forget about your immense heartache? Tequila. You need to—

Need I continue? You get the idea.

Despite being the weekend equivalent of an amnesia potion, many people don’t know much about this go-to Mexican liquor. It’s simply the alcohol that either gets people pumped up or has them running for their lives. Like wine and beer, tequila is so much more than that thing that gets you dancing on the bar in the wee hours – it has a history.

I’m here to change your tequila ignorance, not only so you’re a little more educated, but to ensure that you never take your tequila shot with lime and salt again.

Don’t punk out, man.

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