These Harvard Business Students Are Going To Change How You Shop For Nude Clothing

It’s a wonder that it’s 2016 and some fashion retailers still believe that “nude” is the same color for everyone. It’s not groundbreaking to say that not everyone is the same color of beige, yet it is the only color that is for sale when you need to find something “nude” to wear – whether that be clothing or makeup.

Thankfully, two Harvard Business students have decided to update the fashion industry’s definition of “nude” for 2016. Atima Lui and Nancy Madrid founded Mia Pielle, a fashion-tech start-up, in order to help all women find clothes and accessories that will actually match their unique skin tones.

The website allows its users to pick from six different shades of nude: ivory, pearl, honey, bronze, chocolate or mahogany.


After you have selected your personal nude shade, your customized shopping experience on Mia Pielle will begin.

In an interview with Mic, Lui said, “As two women of Mexican and Sudanese heritage, we often feel like we don’t meet the standard of beauty in this country. From hair products to makeup, we’ve grown accustomed to companies not always meeting our needs as ethnic minorities.”

“We were just brainstorming one day about how difficult it is for [Atima] as an African-American woman to find the right shade of makeup,” Madrid told The Huffington Post. “And I mentioned [how] for me it’s hard to find the right color of nude shoes…we started playing with this concept and we thought, well, we have to come up with a solution for this.”

Currently, the website is not fully available to the public. The website is only available to about 300 testers, but you can sign up to be on the waiting list, which you should in order to support such an incredible and desperately needed company.

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