Adam Driver: 15 Sexiest Photos On The Internet

If you’re anything like me (an avid watcher of Lena Dunham’s Girls), that scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens where Kylo Ren removes his helmet to reveal his face/the face Hannah’s quirky boyfriend on Girls really threw you off. (Or maybe you were just smarter than me and were aware ahead of time that Adam Driver would be appearing in the film.)

In any case, it proves that Adam Driver has a seriously insane range when it comes to the roles he takes on – the guy went from millennial twenty-something boyfriend to a Star Wars villain in about five seconds flat.

Not only is he super talented, but Driver is underratedly sexy. During his recent appearance on The Late Show With Steven Colbert, Colbert dubbed him the new “millennial sex symbol” – and we kind of have to agree. There’s just something about that long hair and his mysterious, social media-free self (a rarity these days) that we’re totally into. These photos are all the proof we need to explain why we’re obsessed.