Prepare To Be Amazed By All Of These Celebrity Cameos In Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Video

beyonce lemonade celebrity cameos

Serena Williams/Instagram

If you have to ask yourself, “Was that…?” during a Beyonce music video, the answer is probably yes.

Beyonce released her hour-long visual album for Lemonade over the weekend, but she didn’t do it without some help. Everyone from husband/alleged cheater Jay Z to tennis superstar Serena Williams to actress Zendaya made an appearance in the video that people just can’t stop talking about…and for good reason. The drama! The mystery! The fashion! The songs! The intense car smashing as fire bursts in the background!

If you haven’t seen Beyonce’s video yet, borrow your roommate’s HBO login information and get on that. Then come back here and see how many celebrity cameos you caught.

And no, Becky with the good hair didn’t make the list.

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